1. I love living at The Grande.  It has a real sense of community and the benches and picnic tables around the pond make it conducive to walk around and stop to chat with neighbors.  I think when the club house is up and running, the community will become even closer with some fun events.  We do have some disabled tenants that don't walk around, and the club house will give them a chance to meet their neighbors and make some new friends.  - BJ

  2. Very Grand indeed. My husband and l are single family home people and the prospect of apartment living never occurred to us as a full-time home, until l visited The Grande. Sure the staff was very friendly and the model was beautiful, but, to our surprise, so is our actual unit! Thank you and l love living at The Grande. - Ms Ellie

  3. A new, clean and safe facility with nice people. It was a great choice for me as a single occupant. The private laundry facilities in each apartment are fantastic. I don't participate in the community activities or the Maturity Center because I work, but it seems the management tries to provide options for the residents. The general age of the occupants was kind of young for an "over 55" community when I moved in several years ago, but now it seems to be mostly retirees (which is what I wanted). An overall great place to live in Dover  - BC

  4. Pleasant and safe. - BJae

  5. Living at The Grande Apartments has provided the secure, safe, comfortable, and friendly environment that we have been looking for to spend our retirement years.  - BC

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